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Do you need drilling, core, testing, luvial dirt testing (Placer mine drilling for testing then look no more). Discount Drilling and Exploration is our business model that has expanded from looking for affordable equipement to test our land to that of assets standing in our yard to that of offering our equipment for rent at a discounted rate (See Production) why because we believe there are more claims that are untested merely due to the high cost of purchasing the equipment and operation of the equipment.

This is a niche market that we believe will be in high demand, secondly it will allow the Parent company to offer potential joint ventures and access to the capital markets should the prospector find gold or other precious metals on thier claims or private property. Our core value is to help others at affordable pricing find gold, our teams do the drilling and in the case of the wash plant can come along side as advisor in setting up the operation, our plant will do 5 to 15 yards an hour dependent on the dirt and location. 


If you are reading this site then why not contacts us for a quote.



We are a new and exciting Mining company with a potential great future.


We are an open pit mining operation that extracts gold and precious metals utilizing various processes.


Investing in us is like investing in Microsoft in the beginning, Gold is a commodity used everywhere, and will always be needed.