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Posted June 1st 2017

Rockstar Mining Corp will be attending the ELKO mining expo in Nevada this coming 6th, 7th, 8th of June,


Posted Nov 1st 2016

The company was fortunate to obtain 960 acres of mountain side land exactly where the geoligist indicated. Since then, the land has been tested and positive results were found, enough to engage in a real estate contract. The company is now moving forward with funding and permiting of the said land with the same intention of establishing a based camp by January, subject to funding. There was both Gold and Rares earths on the property to which the company believes this land will be much more profitable than the previous surface gold found. The company is one track to begin production by early March 2017. 


Posted Oct 21st 2016

The initial results on the thousand acres were unsatisfactory, due to the results were only found to be surface gold, however the geoligist pointed out the exact area in which he believed the gold came from (the source), and possibly in a much higher quantity in the canyons of the mountain. The company decided to explore that area with the intention of later coming back to the original property in regards to the geothermal activity.


Posted September 7th 2016

ROCKSTAR Mining Corp. has signed the land agreement with the owner, ROCKSTAR Mining Corp is now in control of over a 1000 acres of private land, what makes this agreement so special as it is not a BLM Claim with restrictions normally associated with BLM claims.

The company has already done surface testing for Placer gold and found significant results, allowing the company to implement the next stage of its business plan in late September, by taking an excavator and geologist to dig 100 holes 25ft deep to survey and test for higher levels of placer gold and silver.

The company is progressing to the stage whereby full permitting will be sought for full scale mining operations by January 2017. 

Posted 22nd Septh 2016

The company has completed its exploration of the 1000 acres, taking various samples and buckets for processing to identify the more prosperous areas of the land (See Production Page). The founders feel very positive about what they found in regards to the quality of the ore. The ore was taken from various depths from 6ft to 20 ft holes with sample taken during the digging process The testing of the ore by the geologist will take approximately 10 days at this time the company can decid ethe course of action to be under taken