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ROCKSTAR Mining Corp Stock Connection:

ROCKSTAR Mining Corp is in a joint venture with UMAX group Corp in a funding joint venture, whereby specific ownership in ROCKSTAR Mining Corp has been agreed upon. UMAX will receive ownership dividends as agreed to by ROCKSTAR Mining Corp. This will be a high potential income for the public traded company and its shareholders in the future. The company is pleased to be associated with a public company which allows access to long term funding and future equity expansions, utilizing the partnership with UMAX Group Corp. ROCKSTAR Mining Corp executives themselves hold Stock in UMAX Group Corp as part of the joint venture agreement in which they benefit from the growth of the stock as well as the earnings from the mine, this creates a positive relationship with the public company.

The shareholders in UMAX Group Corp are protected by the bylaws of ROCKSTAR Mining Corp. As it requires a unanimous vote of the board to distribute any earnings. Whereby UMAX Group Corp has two board director’s seats on ROCKSTAR Mining Corp on the board of directors. This in turn, allows for strict controller regulation as one of the UMAX directors also holds the position of Chief Financial Officer.

UMAX Group Corp

Ticker Symbol: UMAX